The Art of Feminine Presence & Anna

Anna is a LifeSpiderTMCoach, a CorporateCoach and also a WorkoutCoach who combines coaching with Body Talk, Meditation, Mindfulness and Reiki Healing. She also runs workshops and classes not only in Belly Dancing and Meditation but In The Art of Feminine Presence™ and combinations of these.

Anna has always been a strong person both physically and mentally, but she had “forgotten” all about her own femininity. Because of that she didn´t listen to her own body’s voice and made a lot of “wrong” decisions. She became ill. She knew she had to make a lot of changes in her life—both privately and professionally.

One of those things was to become a coach because she knew she wanted to help people. But not helping by just giving of herself all the time as she had done earlier. She understood eventually that she wanted to work with women and help them to realize how important it is to listen to their own voice and dare to follow their dreams and make good decisions in their lives.

But how? The answer came to her when she found Rachel Jayne Groover and The Art of Feminine Presence™. Our vision is a world where both the feminine principle and the masculine principle are equally honored and valued – in business, in leadership, in relationships, in society.


Be seen, be heard, inspire change ❤



Art of Feminine Presence Series

Classes:  Classes in series of five whenever you want to do it, just contact me.

– If you don´t live in Stockholm maybe we can do two whole days instead.

-If you have a group of 4 – 8 women or female friends that you can gather together or who would benefit from this work, invite me and we will see how we can make this happen.


Events /Workshops: If you would like to invite me to come on a 1 or 2 day/s workshop in your area please get in touch.

Om mig på den Internationella AFP sidan:

Feminine Presence Coaching & Meditation TM

Vill du återupptäcka din egen feminina inre kraft och bli återförenad med hela din feminina essens?

När du utvecklar din egen feminina närvaro kommer andra uppmärksamma dig både personligen och professionellt.
Du känner dig bekväm med din egen sensualitet och kommer att uppleva mer passion i ditt liv - särskilt ditt kärleksliv.

Om du vill ha rena relationer till dina nära och kära skall du börja med din relation till dig själv.
Att bli medveten om dina kvinnliga och feminina sidor och hitta hem till hela dig själv.
Detta öppnar upp även för din närvaro på scenen. Du får lära dig tekniker hur du kan stå framför folk närvarande i din kropp, hur du kan använda din röst så att du låter "äkta", hur du kan attrahera publiken och att alla kan höra dig.

Jag erbjuder både One2One Feminine Presence Coaching och gruppcoaching för 2-8 personer samt Workshops och liknande även i kombinationer med Orientalisk Dans, Mindfullnes och Meditation.


 Välkommen //Welcome





Feminine Presence Coaching & Meditation TM
Do you want to rediscover your own feminine inner power and be reunited with your entire feminine essence?

As you develop your own feminine presence, others will pay attention to you both personally and professionally.
You feel comfortable with your own sensuality and will experience more passion in your life - also in your love life.

If you want to have pure relationships with your loved ones, start with your relationship with yourself.
Becoming aware of your feminine sides and finding back "home".
This also opens up for your presence on stage. You get to learn techniques how to stand in front of people present in your body, how to use your voice so that you sound "genuine", how you can attract the audience and that everyone can hear you.

I offer both One2One Feminine Presence Coaching and group coaching for 2-8 people as well as Workshops and the like in combination with Oriental Dance, Mindfullnes and Meditation.